Jaz Cerezo PFW Holiday 2011


Designer and FaDAL president JAZ CEREZO

About her upcoming collection for holiday 2011:

The inspiration for my collection is Persephone's return to the Underworld, where she dwells in darkness. All the time she spent  years, decades, millennia, she has learned to accept her fate, or even learned to love it. Engulfed in darkness and granted with the power of a Queen, she becomes a different persona. Gentle but merciless, kind yet ruthless.
Dominantly in black, the collection plays with the texture of lace and ruffles embellished with embroidery and crystals . Layering different kinds and colors of laces and  fabrics to make rose details giving  it a mix of the soft and the bold. Short dresses reminiscent of a nymph and gowns fit for royalty. This is definitely the collection that says "Behold! The Queen is back!"

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